Bus ordering - passenger transport in domestic and foreign relations

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Inland passenger transport
Passenger transport in foreign countries
Sightseeing by bus
Airport transfer
Company events
Employees transport
Ski trips
Class excursions
Weddings, events
Company excursions
Swimming line


  • Bus ordering, bus rental, passenger transport
  • Passenger transport in domestic and foreign relations by bus
  • Rental of microbuses and buses with drivers
  • Charter lines, charter buses
  • Excursions by bus
  • Sightseeing by bus
  • School excursions
  • Excursions for kindergartens - with buses equipped with safety belts
  • Class excursions by bus
  • Airport transfer
  • Tourists' transfer
  • Employees' charter
  • Workers' charter
  • Company excursions
  • Organization of company travels
  • Ski trips, ski tours, skiing
  • Ski transfer
  • Transport of sport clubs by bus
  • Children's transport
  • Swimming charter, transport to swimming pools
  • Students' transport
  • Contract lines
  • Pilgrimages
  • Transport to weddings
  • Transport to events
  • Tourism, bus tours
  • Transport of pensioners' clubs
  • School buses
  • Theatre-going, transport to concerts by bus

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