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Our rates are for information purposes; please ask for an exact quotation for the planned trip.

The bus rental fee is calculated based the hours or the kilometres covered. Calculation of the fee is alternative; we invoice the fee that is more favourable for the transport company.

In the territory of Budapest we charge 15 km for the appearance and going back to the premises, respectively, whereas in case of hourly-rate assignments half an hour will be charged for each.

In case of hourly rates the minimum performance is 4 hours for each occasion; in case of programmes of one or more days the minimum performance is 250 km/day.

Accommodation costs, daily allowance of the driver(s), as well as additional costs incurred during the journey (tolls, road charges, parking fees, ferry and tunnel fees) are to be borne by the client. We charge daily allowance for all trips abroad (HUF 17,000/person/day) independently of the catering. Use of inland motorways: HUF 6,000 + VAT/day. County sticker: HUF 1,000 + VAT/county/day.

The driving time of drivers (menu point “Information”) is 9 hours but their working time may be longer: max. 15 hours!! The permitted highest speed of the buses on motorways is 80 km/hour (in some countries 90 km/hour); on other roads 70 km/hour. The rates indicated do not include the VAT of 27 %. In case of bus trips abroad the service is free of VAT (except for Germany, Austria and Poland).

We ensure normal-sized luggage-trailers for our small buses for a fee of HUF 2,000 + VAT/day.

Please contact us before renting or ordering buses!

We look forward to receiving your kind inquiries.

Our rates are valid until the publication of our next quotation.


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